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“Whatever your dream might be, just set off and see how things’ll turn up to be”.

These were the words resounding in G-Nose creator’s mind as soon as he began working on his project. A backpack filled with loads of enthusiasm and just the bare necessities was what he always kept with himeself while visiting the most authoritative exhibitions and trade fairs in Italy.


TALISMANO "Alluring incantation"

Rays of the setting sun onto an enchanted wood of oaks, boilng tints of red caressing a green, well-scented moss: a marriage between colours and scents starts up a passion that turns on warm melodies, there inside the deepest wrinkles of the wet barks. Concentric lines of trees, so perfectly arranged by the union of Nature and Magic, fill the air with trails of unexpected scents: rose flowers and patchouly, wrapped up by essences of leather and of mystic preciuos woods. Alchemical atmosphere, pink rays of the sun slowly fading into blue, then to shadows of a black night: every glance of the oaks is now pointing to the center, where the enchanted light keeps shining in a drop, talisman of richness and magnificence.


LEGGENDA "Everlasting bravery"

Grains of deeds handed down for millennia, ashes of endeavours from the past that settle down onto the ground, among the tiny little mazes of a cosy, tender moss. Moist emotions that rise up into the air at every single tremor, moved by the vibrations of the steps, both the heavier and the lighter: dust of stories never lived but able to saturate the air like scenes of a memory that, among the tree branches and on the surface of the rocks, take the name of “legend”. The wayfarer takes some rest among the foliage, spellbound by the seducting scents of citrus fruits: essential oils start to soar into the air in an epic fight against essences of oud and smells of vetiver, giving form into the present to an immortal tales of heroes.

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