Legacy of the G - Nose Collection

From the citrus notes of Arthemisia and Overdose to the woody personality of Etherno and My Oud, the old fragrances of the G-Nose collection have already become a must-see classic.

Six unforgettable fragrances that offer a journey complete through different moods and places of the world, as perfectly expressed by the spicy atmosphere of Estrosa or the fruity one of Scent of Bali.

This is what we like to call the "Legacy" section of the our catalog, which has currently reached 10 references in total. Try the scents of our "heritage" together with the newest fragrances, or continue to choose our classics, if you are one of the most nostalgic aficionados!


In the incessant search for new olfactory experiences, we have gradually moved from our classic perfumes to some new experiments. Led by the artistic direction of Mr. D - this is how he likes to be called the mind behind each of our fragrances - the range of G-Nose references has expanded to 10 pieces of pure creativity with the addition of very intriguing elements. From the fusion of woody essences and marine notes of Anomalo, to the liqueur personality of Audace, moving towards the gourmand reminiscences of Euphoria to the adventurous nature of Legend and Talisman, this is what we call the “Innovation” section of our catalog. Try all our news, if you are looking for something really innovative!


When past and present come together, that's where the future is born. There is no real modernity if we make room for new things by erasing everything we have behind us. It is a concept that always holds up, from the most abstract things to everyday life, and that is why we have chosen it as the philosophy behind the current G-Nose collection. What we have done is a fusion of some totally new fragrances and a careful selection of our now classic perfumes, creating a real "symbiosis" between our old and new world. A future well represented by a completely renewed packaging, which keeps our “Legacy products” and “Innovation fragrances” even more united. Try the whole collection!

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