YEAR 2022 – ISSUE #1

Here we are again, “G-NOSE people”!

A new year has begun and a new installment of our publication has been released, this time with a slightly new personality: “G-NEWS”, the perfect new name for a series of documents about the fresher updates on the life of our company. Besides the nice wordplay that takes place in the logotype on top of the page, no actual difference occurs from the previous issues already presented to the large G-NOSE community, especially the distributors and the entire supply chain that brings our products down into the hands of the final customers.

All of you should be already familiar with the key concepts which the G-NOSE philosophy is based on, but in case some of you might’ve missed a few things, feel free to get in touch with us and ask for the previous and most explanatory issue that dates back to the summer of 2021.

This time, what we’re going to share with you is an explanation of the creative graphic asset you’ve been already experiencing on our social channels since the beginning of January 2022, but also a hint about what’s coming next. As you we’ll see in the next few pages, the whole mood of this period will be inspired by the idea of “metaverse”, something very intriguing and fascinating that is becoming more and more real at a very fast pace.

In other words, what the G-NOSE profiles are going to show you is a tribute and a homage to the metaverse culture that is starting to rise in a massive way, moving from the underground to the everyday life of us all. And the following pages will make it clearer for everybody to understand the true meaning of these new sophisticated visuals!

So, without further delay, let’s start off with a couple of very interesting things!

What is the “metaverse”?

First things first, what is the meaning of “metaverse”? Appeared in the science-fiction literature at the beginning of the 1990s, the word was related to something that looked very far from reality. Despite this all, the idea of “metaverse” was meant to become more real within less than ten years, thanks to platforms like “Second Life” at the beginning of the 2000s. It wasn’t even an online game, but a virtual place where people could interact with each other as if they were in their real lives, but just in a virtual representation of it. Nowadays, with the introduction of social networks, but also the development of virtual reality and the implementation of various information technologies like artificial intelligence and a superpowerful computer graphics, this huge network of virtual enviroments can finally take form in a way that 30 years ago would’ve sounded like pure science fiction.

Presentation image number 1 for the current G-NOSE promotional campaign. An imaginary representation of a perfum within the metaverse environment.

Year 2022 and “The Metaverse Chapters”

In a world that is becoming more and more virtual, there’s something that is still remaining so real, and that’s the world of the senses, especially the olfactory perceptions. We at G-NOSE are so incredibly excited about the idea of metaverse, a world that is gaining popularity thanks to the directions taken by the biggest corporations on the planet. We want to take actual part in this evolution, but at the same time we know that perfumes are real and will always be.

So, in order to pay a tribute to this fantastic and amazing culture, we gave life to a colourful cloud of digital perfume drops, as if they were vaporized into the virtual world of the metaverse. And to serve the purpose, we came up with four versions of a brand-new “gallery mood” that could represent the idea in the best way possibile.

Now, for those who are not familiar yet with our jargon, a “mood” is basically an atmosphere, especially related to the products of visual communication distibuted through our online channels, which keeps consistent through a rather long span of time before “shedding the skin” to continue with a different graphic design. These atmospheres can be focused on an abstract idea, on a season or period of the year, or maybe on a topic that is very heartfelt by the art director behind the G-NOSE project. And that is the case of the “metaverse” mood, that is a topic which has excited every one of us at G-NOSE, starting from Mr. D, our mastermind, who has entirely committed himself to this avantguarde culture.

Variation on the previous image, with a different pattern, to be used as a presentation for the third “chapter” of our “metaverse capaign”.

The only difference from the previous moods, is that the “metaverse” topic will be developed through a longer span of time, because the social and cultural transformation is huge and it needs to be celebrated in various ways: what you’re going to be presented with, is a series of different graphic formats that keep a coherent appearence even though they change according to the month of the year. And these four moments of the same mood, with their unique personalities, will take the name of “chapters”, as if we were telling a story.

The metaverse started off from the fantasy a 20th-century novelist and keeps living as a legend now, through the 21st century, in the tales of G-NOSE Perfumes!

Chapter by chapter, the new mood explained!

Although the various stages of the new promotional campaign revolve around the metaverse concept and despite having been graphically treated as a single whole, the various “chapters” contain an huge amount of diversity on a number of different levels. The aim was to describe the complexity of the digital world as it flows along the stream of data around the Earth, through the network of networks that finally make up the internet; but we also wanted to represent the infinite combination of different realities that can be conceived and magically created in the modern world of the metaverse, based on our desires and projections of ourseves in an augmented reality that is basically what we are mixed with what we want to be or what we would’ve wanted to be.

Let’s start from “Chapter1”, already online since the beginning of the year:

Gallery posts for Etherno and Audace, taken from “Chapter 1” of the “Metaverse Mood 2022”.
Three pictures in a row create the mosaic effect in the Instagram gallery, making up the striped design of the G-NOSE profile.

As you can see from the previous images, the entire apprearence is representative of the perfume colours but, at the same time, it contains both black and white elements. Being something scheduled for the first and colder part of the year, we wanted to keep the white elements of the snowy winter season without avoiding a slightly dark component inspired by the short length of the typical winter days.

What we did in “Chapter 2” was we just developed the idea of the dark and short winter day but shifting the white component of the snow in the background. That is to say: both the spirits of the winter (the dark and the snow) are still there but with a different visual hierarchy.

As it is already visible from a first comparison between “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 2” , there is another major difference in the layout and content of the two graphic assets. The first one contains the names of the perfumes, while the other contains the poetic phrase related to it.

Gallery posts for My Oud and Overdose, taken from “Chapter 2” of the “Metaverse Mood 2022”.
Three pictures in a row create the mosaic effect in the Instagram gallery, making up the striped design of the G-NOSE profile.

The introduction of this “coupled moods” has been already explained in detail some moths ago, within the previous issue of this magazine (we would call it “G-NEWS” today!). In fact, one more function of the “poetic text” inside the gallery design is to create variety within a stripe pattern that is geometrically repeated. Although every concept we conceive is generally different from the previous and the next, the perception of the same graphic arrangement might bore the users as they scroll the profile, in the long term. That’s where the alternating pattern between stripes based on the “perfume name” and stripes based on the “perfume description” comes into play, especially in cases like the “Metaverse Mood”, where a certain amount of design continuity is deliberately studied to keep a single concept alive.

So, flipping back to the perfume name pattern again, we flow into the third chapter, which has a softer touch, as we slightly move towards the spring seaon. The “digital drops” of perfume keep their cybernetic look, but here they get a more floral appearance, as in a wonderful blossomy orchard or a flowering meadow. We would say that “Chapter 3” brings the scented metaverse design in full bloom!

Gallery posts for Arthemisia and Talismano, taken from “Chapter 3” of the “Metaverse Mood 2022”.
Three pictures in a row create the mosaic effect in the Instagram gallery, making up the striped design of the G-NOSE profile.

It is with the fourth and last chapter of the “Metaverse Mood” that colour becomes the true hero of the gallery. While in “Chapter 3” there is a big amount of white (with a different meaning from “Chapter 1”, as it doesn’t represent the winter snow anymore, but the light of a day that gets lonnger and longer) the perfume hue here stands out, stronger than ever.

The minimal approach of the typically “G-NOSE” summer design strikes back and comes into play as it already did in the previous years. We are still living the spring season that has just begun, but the gallery look becomes fresher and the “metaverse drops” of perfums are less invasive.

But don’t get us wrong: we’re not facing the beginning of the end at all! This doesn’t mean we’re laeving the cyber world behing us: quite the contrary, this just means that the cyberworld has become part of us, blended with our daily life in a way that becomes more and more seamless! “The Metaverse is now”, as Mr. D, our art director says! So keep reading our “G-NEWS”, ‘cause in the next few pages we’re going to reveal something about the Instagram story design, before eventually letting you explore the new mood online!

Gallery posts for Anomalo and Euphoria, taken from the “Chapter 4” of the “Metaverse Mood 2022”.
Three pictures in a row create the mosaic effect in the Instagram gallery, making up the striped design of the G-NOSE profile.

The “Metaverse Mood”, more in detail!

As we said above, the main focus of the mood was to express the infinite array of possibilities offered by the new cyber world to the modern human beings. As a matter of fact, we can do whatever we imagine to do, and be whatever we imagine to be, although we basically retain contact with our basic identity. In order do to that, not only did we create a universe made out of digital drops of perfume and diversified it in four variations called “chapters”, but we also created different atmospheres between the stories and the gallery posts for each of the chapters.

In the examples below, as well as in the ones you’ll see in the next few pages, you can taste the difference between the two related graphic assets for one single fragrance in the context of the same chapter. The two textures immediately appear different and the “story” version is even more chaotic and insane.

Gallery posts and related story posts for Estrosa, taken from the same “chapter” of the “Metaverse Mood” (more exactly, the first chapter). As you can see, the textures and geometries are quite different in the two graphic variations.

All the shapes are generated thanks to a mix of handmade illustrations and graphic algorithms, processed in various ways and arranged in different layers to create the final effect. What the eye can see is a pattern that looks random but schematic at the same time, and that evokes the idea of a vaporized liquid, just like a spray of perfume drops. It can also resemble led lights, screen pixels or even electronic circuitry, all merged together into a vague and hybrid form that seems to be perfectly descriptive for the “metaverse” topic, and especially for what a perfume would look like in a possible digitized form. One last thing to point out is that each and every fragrance has slight variation within the context of the stories. In the next page, for example, you can see that even in the same “chatper” of the Metaverse mood, one specific fragrance shows minor variations in the textures behind the text and the photographic content. All these subtle variations reinforce the idea of a world that remains basically the same but that we people of the future can manipulate at our will to create a personal version of it. This can also be a metaphor of how a perfumes behaves on the skin of each customer: the same mix of essences, the same fragrance pyramid, and yet a slightly different result.

Gallery posts and related story posts for Scent of Bali, taken from the same “chapter” of the “Metaverse Mood” (more exactly, the second chapter). As you can see, the textures and geometries are quite different in the two graphic variations

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